Rose and Crown

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Buffalo Chicken Wings (G) (M) (Su)


Chicken wings fried to perfection, served with fries, choice of: Spicy Hot or BBQ.

Desi-Tandoori Chicken on the Bone, Half Chicken (M)


Cooked with moderate spices and served with side salad.

Chilli Paneer (v) (M) (Su) (Se) (So) (Ce)


Cubes of cottage cheese cooked in a light chilli & sweet sauce with assorted peppers & onions in moderate spice.

Lamb Samosas (3 Pieces) (G) (M) (Su)


Hand Made Samosas, Lamb mince cooked with spices and peas, served with chutney & fries.

Vegetarian Samosas (v) (3 Pieces) (G) (M) (Su)


Hand Made Samosas with potato, peas, herbs & spices, served with chutney & fries.

Crazy Fries (M)


Loaded with grilled chicken, melted cheese, dressed with tangy mayo sauce.

Plain Fries/Cajun/Sage & Onion

£2.50 / £5.00

Amristari Murgh Masala (G) (M) (Su)


Chicken on the bone well seasoned, cooked in spicy moderate sauce.

New Delhi Butter Chicken (G) (M) (Su)


Well marinated & seasoned chicken off the bone, cooked in aromatic cream & spices.

Punjabi Masala Mutton Chops (G) (M) (Su)


Tender mutton chops cooked in aromatic spicy gravy over slow cook.

Kashmiri Kharia Paneer (v) (G) (M) (Su) (Se) (Ce)


Cubes of cottage cheese cooked with moderate spice with onions & peppers in a light gravy.

Old Skool Bangers & Mash (M)


Sausages & mash potato, butter garden peas & homemade onion gravy.

Mac & Cheese (v) (G) (M)


Mac & cheese served with garlic bread and a side of salad.

La Lasagna (G) (M) (Su)


Well seasoned beef in bolognese sauce baked pasta sheets & mixed spices with grated cheese, served with garlic bread & side salad.

Punjabi Chicken Biryani (M) (E) (Su)


Chicken on the bone cooked till tender in rice & spices, accompanied with boiled egg, salad & yoghurt.

Smash Burger (G) (M) (Su)

£10.00 / £12.00 / £14.00

Seasoned beef pattie cooked to a perfection, toasted brioche bun, melted cheese, caramelised onions, tomato & lettuce with special burger gravy.

Cheese & Greens Vegetarian Burger (v) (G) (M) (Su)


Crispy potato cutlet, melted cheese, onion, tomato & lettuce, burger sauce & fries.

Mother-Flipper Burger (G) (M) (Su)


Beef pattie cooked over griddle, melted cheese, grilled bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato, onion & pickle with blue cheese dressing.

Korean Chicken Burger (G) (M) (Su)


Well seasoned chicken fillet, double melted cheese, onion, lettuce & tomato dressed with Korean spicy mayo sauce.

Sausage & Chips & Beans (G)


Chicken Nuggets & Chips (G) (M)


Burger & Chips (G) (M)


Tomato & Cheese Pizza & Garlic Bread (G) (M)


Strawberry Cheese Cake (G) (M) (E)


Chocolate Brownie (G) (M) (E)


Indian Classic Gulab Juman (G) (M) (E) (N)


With ice cream.

Dessert will be served complimentary with all kid's meals. Please ask The Kitchen.

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Tue - Sun: 12:00 - 21:30

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